Mick & Kim

Hi Wendy , Kym & Barry

We didn’t have an opportunity to thank you guys personally on our departure for a fantastic stay at the Haven.

I suppose Haven really does some it up nicely.

We both desperately needed some downtime for various health and emotional reasons

and i guess our anniversary was a good excuse.

I didn’t tell my wife Kim about our destination so it was a bit of fun on the trip down

but upon arrival we were left breathless with excitement of the location and the stylish abode.

The attention to detail left us with a feeling that love and passion had be applied to this presentation.

I personally enjoyed the warm afternoon breeze blowing through the forrest and time with Kym and Barry the prawn eating dog

This gave me a sense of worth.

Berry shopping ticked all the boxes and gave the finances a shakeup and could not believe how my wife knew where all the shops were

and what was in them, innate natural instinct i suppose.

The whole experience left us with a sense of childish nattiness that we were doing something that we really shouldn’t be doing.

Parenting conditions you to always put your children first but this was our weekend at the Haven In Berry and it always will be.