Brett Drady

Our stay at The Haven was one of the best family holidays we’ve had thanks to Kym.  Tranquil and relaxing with delicious breakfasts provided the country setting is perfect and an easy 5min drive to beautiful Berry.

Warwick & Wendy

Peaceful rural scenes; lazy clouds drifting across a winter-blue sky; cleansing rain; wild winds swaying the canopy of tall trees; long afternoon shadows of tree trunks cast across an impossibly green lawn; the chattering of bird life; the rustling of leaves – nature at its best!

Thank you for providing a haven for us to experience all of these nature connections. The full moon cast its light over the scene to carry that connection into the night as the triangle of trees from the left bedroom were cast into silhouette.

Great accommodation & provisions – we had all we needed & more. Lovely chatting with you, Kym & the gorgeous Barry, of course!
We’ll catch up with Wendy next time.


Warwick & Wendy


Patricia, Stephen, Olivia & Gabby Stacey

Wendy & Kym,

This weekend was our first family holiday together in 2 years. You have a fabulous setting here! Thank you for welcoming us to this beautiful place. This is “Heaven” at Berry 🙂

We absolutely enjoyed the peace & quiet which enabled us to connect & appreciate more of the birdlife & trees around us. Barry is such a beautiful & friendly dog! We found an egg under the deck yesterday while we were doing yoga – the chickens were around us while we were eating breakfast on the deck. The alpacas were a sight to see & very well cared for like all your chickens & other animals. We appreciated the use of the environmentally sustainable products you had generously provided in the house.

If only we could have stayed for another day or so but the reality of having to go home & back to work was unfortunately stopping us from doing so. We would love to come back. Berry is such a beautiful town. We ate at the most wonderful restaurants & of course THE DONUT VAN.

Hope to see you again!

Patricia, Stephen, Olivia & Gabby Stacey. 

Kay L

Lovely property, fantastic cottages, friendly hosts and a very peaceful place to unwind.

Just a 5 minute drive into Berry, beautiful property, cottages set in amongst the gum trees. We really enjoyed our stay at The Haven at Berry.
I couldn’t fault anything and I’m pretty fussy.
The cottages are tastefully decorated, with a lot of natural light.The veranda out the back was perfect for sipping on a glass of wine or beer whilst relaxing and enjoying the peaceful surrounds.
Kym (host) was very friendly and we were supplied with a great country breakfast each morning.
I loved Barry (the dog) and Cusco,Machu & Picchu the Alpacas. 
Definitely would love to stay again.

Regards Kay L

Mick & Kim

Hi Wendy , Kym & Barry

We didn’t have an opportunity to thank you guys personally on our departure for a fantastic stay at the Haven.

I suppose Haven really does some it up nicely.

We both desperately needed some downtime for various health and emotional reasons

and i guess our anniversary was a good excuse.

I didn’t tell my wife Kim about our destination so it was a bit of fun on the trip down

but upon arrival we were left breathless with excitement of the location and the stylish abode.

The attention to detail left us with a feeling that love and passion had be applied to this presentation.

I personally enjoyed the warm afternoon breeze blowing through the forrest and time with Kym and Barry the prawn eating dog

This gave me a sense of worth.

Berry shopping ticked all the boxes and gave the finances a shakeup and could not believe how my wife knew where all the shops were

and what was in them, innate natural instinct i suppose.

The whole experience left us with a sense of childish nattiness that we were doing something that we really shouldn’t be doing.

Parenting conditions you to always put your children first but this was our weekend at the Haven In Berry and it always will be.


Jamie W

I hope this place stays a well guarded secret

We stayed at the Berry Hideaway last year and could not believe it was available again this year. It’s been in the Good Weekend 50 weekend locations and is reasonably priced so I have no idea why that is the case. 

The hideaway is on the other side of the highway from the main Berry town so you’re away from the town which in my opinion gives you a greater sense of being on holidays. The hideaway consists of three houses on a very large plot. You cant see the other houses from your house. 

Wendy and Kim are such warm hosts. They provide breakfast as part of the deal and are generous with their time showing off the alpacas and other animals to our kids. 

The houses are basically new, the air conditioning is fantastic even in a heat wave and there is plenty of room for a family of 4 to eat, sleep and interact in separate spaces.

Berry is a great launching spot for Gerroa, Gerringong, Nowra, Kiama… just about any place inland or beach on that part of the south coast. We went to Jamberoo for a day and it was only about 30 mins drive.

If you do go do me a favour and keep it to yourself.

Thanks Jamie W